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Zane Grey

Literary experts estimated that author Zane Grey wrote 9M words during his lifetime. Like most writers, he had dry spells. When in the mood, he could write 100K words in a month. Born in 1872 in Zanesville, Ohio as Pearl Zane Grey, he set up a dental practice in 1896 as Dr. Zane Grey, DDS. He wrote to escape the boredom of dentistry.

He met his wife Lina “Dolly” Roth on a canoe trip in 1900. They married 5 years later. Dolly, a teacher, liked his writing and encouraged him to write. His first novel Betty Grey was rejected by Harper Brothers in 1903. He self-published it successfully and Harper came calling. Grey wrote over 90 books; he created the Lone Ranger. His works were turned into the first movies and were the start of Paramount Pictures.

He lived a great life doing what he loved to do. After Zane Grey’s death, October 23, 1939, Harper continued to publish his works up until the 60’s. The Lone Ranger became a popular TV series; Zane Grey Western Theater produced 145 episodes. Pearl Zane Grey didn’t have the confidence to be a writer; fortunately, he married Dolly who recognized his talents when the publishers of the time didn’t.

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