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Texas Down Under

There is a town named Texas in the Goondiwindi Region of Queensland, Australia. The town of Texas in

Australia was founded in 1840, during the Republic of Texas days. I incorrectly assumed that it was named for the Texas my family helped establish in 1836. According to my Aussie friends, it was named for a large station of grazing land known as “Texas Station.” The town on the Dumaresq River had 843 residents in the 2016 census according to Wikipedia. Both the Australian town Texas and the State of

Texas have much in common. Both founded a few years apart. Each known for cattle and sheep ranching. Fishing, canoeing, golfing, and horse racing are popular sports. Both colonized by Anglos and resisted by indigenous people. The population of the State of Texas is 29.1M, slightly more than Australia’s 25.7M.

I discovered Texas was the first Australian town to be certified a Motorcycle Friendly Town. Should Becka and I go to Australia, the town of Texas will be on our itinerary.

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