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Schooling America’s First Generation

The children of the revolution were schooled at home or taught in church schools. Public education would not become available for another one hundred years. The male children of Guilford County, North Carolina were fortunate to have the Log Cabin College of David Caldwell (1725-1824) whose home and school were located near the bicentennial park in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Dr. David Stewart Caldwell, a Doctor of Medicine and divinity, founded the Buffalo Creek Presbyterian Church in 1756. His students included such notables as the first territorial judge appointed by President George Washington, Judge John

McNary and Rev. Barton W. Stone, founder of the Disciples of Christ.

The story of David Caldwell’s role in the American Revolution is told in my

books Spring House and Adam’s Daughters. His efforts to preserve the battlefield

of Guilford Courthouse unfold in the first three chapters of the Children of the


During the Revolution, General Cornwallis offered £200 for the capture of Rev.

Caldwell for his activity against the crown. The beloved minister was hidden by

church members and his family protected. After the battle at Guilford Courthouse

on March 15, 1781, he and his wife Rachel set up a field hospital in the McNary

home to tend the wounded.

Adam Mitchell’s six children witnessed the bloody battle from the family spring

house; they were truly children of the revolution, their resiliency and patriotism

born on the battlefield of Guilford Courthouse.

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