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Sam and Mary Maverick’s Wedding

On August 4, 1836, Samuel Augustus Maverick, a signor of the Texas Declaration of Independence, married Mary Ann Adams. Mary was the eighteen-year-old daughter of William and Agatha Adams of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. The newlyweds

shunned the offer of a large plantation from Samuel’s father to go to Texas. The

Mavericks settled in San Antonio making their home at Soledad and Commerce

Streets. Sam was a lawyer, cattleman, and served as San Antonio Mayor. The

word Maverick was derived from his not branding his cows. He survived the

Council House Fight. Maverick was later captured and imprisoned by the Mexican

Army. He and Mary lived to be one of San Antonio’s most revered couples. Many

of Sam and Mary Maverick’s descendants still live in San Antonio. Learn more

about Sam and Mary in the award-winning Comanche Trace, Book IV of the

Westward Sagas series

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