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No Trespassing!

WARNING! If you’re out traipsing through the woods as Becka and I often do, keep a

close watch for purple painted posts. The state legislature of Arkansas back in 1987

assumed trespassers couldn’t read. Purple paint producers agreed. The Arkansas

Legislature passed the “Purple Post Law.” Governor Bill Clinton signed the bill, that

went into effect in 1989. The law did away with the need for No Trespassing signage

on one’s property. Texas, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina, Maine, Florida, Montana,

Arizona, and Kansas soon followed. Why purple? Some say it’s the only color that color

blind people see. If that is correct, now illiterate, and non-English readers, as well as

color blind peeps are aware to not cross purple painted posts.

This brilliant piece of legislation was just brought to my attention by my friends Bob and Nancy Watts. “The Purple Post Law” Section 30.05 Texas Penal Code became law in

Texas in 1997. I stay current on the news and had never heard of this law. This post is

posted for people that don’t know about purple post paint. Everybody should know,

whether they can read or not, that you don’t go on someone else’s property without

permission. Bill Clinton can take credit for passing the Purple Post Law and creating the

color Fence Post Purple.

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