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Major James Kerr – 1790-1850

Major James Kerr was one of the “Old Three Hundred” who followed Moses Austin to Texas during the days of Colonial Mexico. He fought in the War of 1812 and the Texas Revolution in 1836. Only his daughter Minnie survived the harsh life of the Texas frontier. He received a large headright of land in Jackson County, west of Houston. He represented Jackson County in the third congress of the Republic of Texas when they convened in Houston in 1838. He proposed the legislation to move the center of government away from Houston, which infuriated Sam Houston and ultimately ended Kerr’s political career. He went to medical school in New Orleans and became a doctor at the age of fifty. One of the most honest men to ever cross the Sabine. Kerr County and the city of Kerrville are named for him. Learn more about this great Texan in award-winning Comanche Trace, the fourth book in the Westward Sagas series by David A. Bowles.

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