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Line in the Sand

March 3, 1836, inside the walls of the Alamo, Lt. Col. William B. Travis sat at a

small wooden desk and contemplated his predicament after sealing his letter to Sam Houston, his last request for reinforcements. Two thousand Mexican soldiers now surround the garrison. One hundred ninety defenders had sustained five days and nights of continuous bombardment; the shelling suddenly stopped. Travis must advise his men the fate that awaited them, the time was now. Travis assembled his men and emotionally announced that there would be no more reinforcements. Their fate was sealed. With his saber, a line was drawn in the sandy loam soil. Lt. Col. Travis said, “Who

will be the first to stay and die with me?” Tapply Holland was the first, followed

by every man, but one. Moses Rose climbed the wall and lived to tell this story.

Please join the Sons of the Republic of Texas and San Antonio Living History

Association, Monday, March 6, 2023, in front of the Alamo at 5:30 a.m. for “Dawn

at the Alamo.” This pre-dawn commemorative ceremony is a solemn event

honoring all who died at the Battle of the Alamo.

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