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Juan Seguin Forced to Resign as San Antonio Mayor

On April 18, 1842, San Antonio Mayor Juan Seguin was forced to resign as

Mayor. The Tejano hero of the Texas Revolution was accused of turning traitor.

The decision to remove Seguin from office was made in the home of alderman Samuel Augustus Maverick at the corner of Soledad and Commerce. The aldermen were presented sufficient evidence that Seguin was the instigator of

recent Mexican invasions where 700 Mexican soldiers took over San Antonio on

March 5, 1842. Fearing for his life, Seguin and his family fled to Mexico. He

joined the Mexican Army as an officer and fought against Americans in the War

with Mexico.

Maverick, an attorney and former San Antonio Mayor, presided over the

meeting that terminated Seguin and appointed Francis Guilbeau the new Mayor.

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