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Henry Clay Davis - 1814-1866

“Clay” as everyone called Henry Clay Davis was born in Georgia and raised in Kentucky. He came to San Antonio, Texas and joined the First Cavalry November 9, 1836. Clay fought Indians and Mexicans and was imprisoned in San Fernando, Mexico. He participated in the Battle of Salado Creek near San Antonio on January 9, 1842.

Clay was a Texas Ranger during the Mexican American War. While he was the quartermaster for the Somervell Expedition at Laredo, Clay witnessed mistreatment of Mexican citizens and resigned his military commission in disgust. As a merchant in Corpus Christi, Clay became prosperous. He met Maria Hilaria de la Garza, daughter of one of the largest landowners on both sides of the Rio Grande. They married April 21, 1846. Maria’s father died leaving them the Carnestolendas estate on the Rio Grande River. They named the American side of the property Rancho Davis. He established Davis Landing on a bend in the Rio Grande. In 1848 they built a two-story home on Britton Street that still stands. The town of Rio Grande City was established as the county seat of Starr County on their property. Read more about Clay and his family in the award-winning Sheriff of Starr County, Book 5 of the Westward Sagas Series or

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