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Hatless Society

In my last post I mentioned wearing a hat is not easy in a hatless society. Since the 1961 inauguration of JFK, people just stopped wearing hats. Pictures of outdoor events in the 40’s and 50’s show nearly everyone wore a hat. Businesses no longer provide hat racks much less a place to check your hat. Try traveling by train, plane or bus. There’s no place for your hat! A six-foot person can’t wear a hat in today’s vehicles, my dad could in the fifties. Society seems to have turned against wearing a hat. Schools’ forbid students from wearing a hat. I can’t remember the last time I saw a hat rack in a doctor’s office or a barber shop. Fun is poked at people in a hat, all hat and no cattle. Who says you need a cow to own a hat? Tips on buying hats in my next post. Watch what you say in your comments, or you may have to eat your hat.

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