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Getting the News in 1843

On January 7, 1843, Charles DeMorse wrote the following in the Northern Standard newspaper. At the time, the Clarksville paper was the second largest publication in the Republic of Texas where DeMorse was the editor and publisher.

“We have heard lately that there are a large number of persons in the Counties of Lamar and Fannin, who wish to take the Standard but who have no money to pay for it. It is a very easy matter for these people to arrange the price of a subscription. We will receive pork, cows and calves, honey or beeswax, articles which almost every man in these counties has or can command. We will also receive wheat or butter or cheese. Then, as to other objection as to the distance of transportation, neighborhoods could very easily send one person down with these articles from a half dozen persons without being burdensome. We are disposed to be accommodating in this matter and think that this arrangement will suit every man in these counties who wishes to subscribe.”

Article taken from An Editors View of Early Texas a compilation of Charles DeMorse writings by Lorna Geer Sheppard published by Eakin Press Austin.

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