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Father of Texas

The “Father of Texas” Stephen F. Austin was born in Virginia on November 3, 1793. His father Moses Austin received permission from Spain to bring three hundred families to Texas. Moses died, leaving his son Stephen to fulfill his dream of establishing a colony in Texas. Stephen had to renegotiate the agreement with Mexico after its Independence from Spain in 1821. In correspondence to Mexican officials, Stephen always signed his documents Estevan F. Austin. In 1833 he went to Mexico City seeking self-government for his growing colony. For his efforts Stephen was arrested by Mexican authorities and not released until 1835. He returned to lead the movement for Texas Independence. Stephen served in President Sam Houston’s cabinet until his death December 12, 1836. Major James Kerr, a longtime friend, was at his bedside. Stephen never married. He was first buried in Brazoria County. He was later reinterned at the State Cemetery in Austin in 1910. A city, county, and state university are named in his honor. He was survived by a sister Emily Austin Perry.

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