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Chicken Fried Steak

Texan’s take their chicken fried steak (CFS) seriously. Usually served with cream gravy and mashed potatoes and a fresh roll. West Texas legend has it, that the first CFS was served by mistake at Turners Café in Lamesa, Texas ca 1911. A traveling salesman ordered a piece of chicken with his steak. The cook misunderstood the order and hand breaded a piece of round steak he was prepping for Salisbury steak. The hungry traveler loved it and stopped regularly for his CFS. Mr. Turner put it on the menu where it became the restaurant’s best-selling entree. I lived in Lamesa for a short time in the 1960’s and had their CFS at least once a week. The restaurant and most of downtown Lamesa is closed. The building still stands one block southwest of the courthouse.

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