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Buying A Hat

We settled that all hat and no cow situation in my last post. These days a “good quality” American made hat will cost about $150, which includes fitting and shaping. You can find hats for less, but if you’re going to wear it like a pair of shoes you want it to look good on you and fit comfortably. Hats come in many styles, but you need at least a three-inch brim for protection from the sun. Once you make the commitment to wear a hat, it’s important to get it fitted properly and shaped for your noggin. Just like a good tailor, everyone needs a good hatter. When you choose the hatter, make sure they have the facilities to clean and block or replace the inside sweat band. My father’s vintage 1968 felt Stetson is still wearable after three sweatbands and cleanings. A hatter can create a custom felt to your specifications and personalize its leather sweat band. Don’t keep your comments under your hat. We are looking forward to reading them. My next post will be about selecting your perfect summer hat.

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