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Battle of Plum Creek

On August 12, 1840, the largest Indian battle ever fought on Texas soil took place on Plum Creek in Caldwell County. The battle between six hundred Indians mostly Comanche were led by Chief Buffalo Hump. The Indians raided Victoria and Linnville, Texas six days earlier, in retaliation of the Council House Fight. The fight in San Antonio was a misunderstanding between several Indian Chiefs and the

Texans about the return of hostages. Thirty-five Indians and seven Texans died at the Council House Fight.

Buffalo Hump spread word of the fight; the Indians followed him from the Llano Estacado to the port of Linnville on Lavaca Bay in Calhoun County. The town of Linnville was destroyed and never recovered. Victoria to the north was ransacked, horses and cows stolen, and many settlers killed.

Word reached Mathew Caldwell at Gonzales and Ed Burleson at Bastrop. The

news spread and approximately two hundred volunteers caught up with the

raiding Indians near Lockhart, Texas. The Indians were quickly routed many

retreated leaving their stolen horses behind. Buffalo Hump stayed to reap havoc

on the new town of Austin. Read about it in the award-winning Comanche Trace

Book IV of the Westward Sagas series written by fifth generation Austinite David

A. Bowles

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