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Battle for Margaret Mitchell’s Farm

On the 14 th  day of March 1781, Margaret Mitchell’s North Carolina farm was

inundated by thousands of Continental soldiers. Margaret, a widow, lived on the

farm with her son Adam, daughter-in-law Elizabeth and their eight children. Their home, close enough to Guilford Courthouse, was used as a public house when court was in session.

Every able-bodied man around Guilford Courthouse was invited to take a position,

front row center to welcome British General Cornwallis and his men to Guilford

County. Cornwallis was the commander of the British army. The men of Guilford

weren’t soldiers but farmers and merchants. Some had fought Indians in the

woods of North Carolina. A few men like Adam Mitchell, served in the NC Militia.

Major General Nathanael Greene commanded the Continental Army. He knew the

men to be excellent marksmen. He asked that they give the opening volley to the

British Army.

Adam sequestered his mother, wife, and children in the family spring house. He

joined the men behind a split rail fence, which would be the first of three

defensive lines. Here they would watch the sun go down, waiting for their

uninvited guests to arrive. To be continued on March 15 th .

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