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Austin’s First Capitol Building – 1839-1856

In the spring of 1839, lumber for the first permanent Capitol of Texas had

been cut and hauled from Bastrop to the building site at West 8th and

Colorado. The stockade fence and moat extended to Congress Ave.

President Lamar selected the site for the Capitol of the Republic of Texas

during a hunting trip the previous year.

The drawings, courtesy of Austin History Center, were drawn from memory years after the capitol was demolished. The hastily built structure was

started in the spring and was ready for the fourth congress to convene

November 11, 1839.

After congress adjourned in February of 1840, the citizens of Austin used it

to fort up in frequent Indian attacks and for church services. It was here

that Anson Jones, the last President of the Republic of Texas, lowered the

Lone Star Flag on February 19, 1846. He handed it to the first Governor of

Texas and said, “The Republic is no more!” Governor James Pinckney Henderson raised the U.S. Flag, and at that moment Texas became the 28 th  state. The Lone Star Flag was raised under the American Flag and would become the state flag of the Great State of


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