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Andrew Jackson


Andrew Jackson boarded in the home of Christopher and Mary Taylor in

Jonesborough (the oldest town in Tennessee). The Christopher Taylor log cabin (pictured) still stands on Main Street after being moved from its original location in 1976. The twenty-year-old future President slept in a loft above Mr. & Mrs. Taylor and their thirteen children. Local legend says that the twenty-year-old lawyer often came home inebriated and woke the family as he tried to climb up into the loft from the inside. She demanded her husband make a rope ladder for Andrew to climb up from outside.

When Andrew Jackson rode out of Jonesborough, he took a saddle bag containing

about twenty legal documents of the citizens of Washington County. One was the

Will of my five great grandmother Margaret Mitchell (1712-1788). Who died at

the home of her son Adam Mitchell on Knob Creek. Her Will was one of the first

documents known as the Jackson Papers filed at the new courthouse in Davidson

County, Tennessee. Read more about Andrew Jackson’s connection to the

Mitchell family in award-winning Adam’s Daughters, Book II in the Westward

Sagas series or

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