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David A. Bowles

Author Of The Westward Sagas®


About the Author

David A. Bowles is the fifth generation of his family to be born in Austin Texas. Both parents were from pioneer settlers. His great grandmother, Elnora Van Cleve was the first child born in Austin on April 14, 1841. His award-winning series, the Westward Sagas® is based on her family and their one-hundred-year journey from Pennsylvania to Texas. David and his dog Becka enjoy traveling and telling the stories of the Westward Sagas.


About the Speaker

David A. Bowles is an International Award-Winning author who has published five novels in a
series, known as the Westward Sagas®. The stories are based on his great-grandmother’s family
and their journey from Chester County, Pennsylvania, to Texas. The author is the fifth generation
of his family to be born in Austin, Texas. His stories are based on years of historical research. A
prolific writer, Bowles has written hundreds of stories about history and the true-life characters
he has met and the ones he created. The fifth book in the series will be released February 7,

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David A. Bowles

"Never approach a bull from the front, a horse from the rear, or a fool from any direction."


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Follow David and Becka on their adventures
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